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November in the rearview mirror

This post is the closing curly of that post.

During November, my daily updates constituted every fourth or fifth blog post on use.perl, on average. (That's a decrease from last year's seven or eight. Still, not as bad as I'd thought, given this year's exodus from use.perl.) After enjoying a few days of blissful silence, I'm now back in the blogging saddle.

Every day, I surfed to Wikipedia to find some historical event that happened on that day, and which captured my interest. I guess it says something interesting about my inner life that these were the topics I settled on:

  1. Lisbon earthquake
  2. Largest squid ever
  3. Gentleman thieves
  4. President Obama
  5. Third-term president Roosevelt
  6. Plutonium created
  7. Suez Crisis
  8. Stockholm Bloodbath
  9. Berlin Wall fall redux!
  10. Sesame Street
  11. Famous Australian outlaw hanged
  12. Tibet attacking China capital!
  13. Town flooded by high-velocity mud
  14. Apollo 12 liftoff
  15. Hyperinflation
  16. Whitewashing Nazi scientists' pasts
  17. Dalai Lama
  18. King of Denmark in a pinch
  19. Reagan meets Горбачёв
  20. Sweden, outnumbered, wins a battle
  21. Port Arthur massacre
  22. 10-year old girl makes history
  23. UN: China (PRC) in, China (ROC) out
  24. Plane hijacker jumps, disappears
  25. Suriname gains full independence
  26. Russia bombs itself, blames Finland
  27. Crashing on Mars
  28. New Zealand women vote
  29. Ship crew murders slaves
  30. Meteorite strikes woman

(It's hard to summarize the above list in any meaningful way. I made an observation yesteryear about how Western the list of events turned out. I think I fared slightly better this year, even though the bias is clearly on the dark blue areas still. I also made an ambitious promise last year, to infiltrate Wikipedia with "tens of notable non-Western events" that I could then use for this year. At this, I confess, I failed completely. It still seems a good idea, though; maybe something for next year?)

Here's what I worked on during the days of the month, in terms of contributions to different projects:

  1. [November] un-bitrotting
  2. [November] server care
  3. [Temporal] Tuesday!
  4. [November] debugging; login problems
  5. [proto] installed-modules
  6. [proto] installed-modules
  7. [proto] installed-modules
  8. [proto] installed-modules
  9. [proto] installed-modules
  10. [Temporal] Tuesday!
  11. [November] debugging; login problems
  12. distracted; mst++ discussion
  13. [] pastebin
  14. [Rakudo] tiny documentation bugfix
  15. [November] fix nightly smokes
  16. [November] fix lichtkindbugs
  17. [Temporal] Tuesday!
  18. [November] fix lichtkindbugs
  19. [Rakudo] release [POST WAS LATE]
  20. [Rakudo] setting fix
  21. distracted; attended BPW
  22. [Rakudo] ng branch
  23. [Emmentaler] web page sketch
  24. [Community] guide Wolfman2000++
  25. [] Astaire
  26. [Themporal] Thursday!
  27. [book] Poker hand example
  28. [Community] perlmonks question
  29. [GGE] debugging/workarounds
  30. [tote] ramble

One big difference stands out immediately from last year: my attention is much more split up on different things these days. And no wonder; a year ago I'd only just started working on Druid, which I consider to be my second Perl 6 project after November. 2009 saw the addition of proto, SVG,, GGE, and many smaller ones to that list, all of which have to fight for my attention.

Also new for this year, probably for similar reasons, is that I not only blogged my November posts each day, but got in three other posts about various things, as well as a grant week report. So the total is actually 34 posts last month.

Due to being abroad without a battery charger, I missed one day. This is a sad blemish to my otherwise immaculate record; my only consolation is that no-one else seems to care.

Also, I'm surprised to see that I have about the same amount (2) of days-of-distractedness as last year (3). It felt like there were more this year. Perhaps I'm merely getting better at doing something really minimal and calling that a contribution. ☺

Now let's see how I fared with the things I set out to do.

Things not on the list-of-things-to-do (but which probably should have been), that I did anyway:

I'm very glad I did another month-of-November. They are tiring, but strangely rewarding. And looking back, there's no question that they actually push things forward.

And with that, we're done! (Now, let's just land the installed-modules branch, finish up the Temporal flux, implement Emmentaler and tote, finish the Perl 6 book, add those missing features and layouts to November, and release Rakudo Star, the most stellar Perl 6 release in history!)

I'm very excited about where Perl 6, Rakudo and the community is going. Exciting to think where we'll be in a year or so.