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November 4 2009 — no log in for you!

1 year ago today, the United States got its first colored president.

After McCain was nominated as the Republican candidate, three presidential debates were held between the contenders spanning September and October 2008. In November, Obama won the presidency with 52.9% of the popular vote to McCain's 45.7%, and 365 electoral votes to 173, to become the first African American to be elected president. Obama delivered his victory speech before hundreds of thousands of supporters in Chicago's Grant Park.

Today I've been trying to figure out why the ever-vigilant lichtkind cannot log into the wiki. I've been debugging the problem, nibbling along the edges.

Everything should work. I don't see why it doesn't. I'm stumped.

But that's how it is sometimes. I'll bet I'll have the answer when I wake up tomorrow.

(Oh, and this is the first time I look at viklund++'s wrapper of the Parrot digest functionality. It's good to know we're encrypting the way one should.)