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Week 19 of — building a tutorial

Den dey goez to dis plaece called Gefsemunee, an Happy Cat sed to him kittehs, "Yuz sit heer an ai goah talk to Ceiling Cat." Him tuk Peter, Jaemes and John wit him, an him got sad an wurreed. "Mai soahl is so sad! Srsly! Ai cud dai!" him sed. "Yuz staey heer an luk owt." Him went moar far, an den he fell down an sed to Ceiling Cat, "I canz come home naow?" "O Ceiling Cat," him sed, "allz iz gud wen yu wants it! Yu Taek dis cup, Kthx? But ai is luvin teh Ceiling Cat, so ai hav teh cup an stuffs if yu wants." — Mark 14:32-36

Short post today. (Blogging daily makes a fellow want to cut corners.) More next time.

I'm halfway through writing a tutorial for It'll contain prime examples of all the components covered by the grant (CORE, Astaire, Squerl, Hitomi).

Also, there's a new user on #perl6, Wolfman2000++, who have taken on the role as (his own words) 'guinea pig' for I think that's really good news; early adopters are what's needed right now. And it also gives me a concrete target reader for the tutorial.

I wish to thank The Perl Foundation for sponsoring the effort.