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A four-quarter plan for psyde

(If this blog had had a tagging system, this post would have been tagged "meta". You have been warned.)

My blogging engine, psyde, is written in Perl 6. It's been serving me well in the past year-and-a-quarter since use.perl went read-only and forced my hand to move out. It's not too powerful, and it's kinda idiosyncratic, but it has definitely made me happy.

Howver, I've increasingly been picturing where I want to take the engine. It could do more, and I know what bits I want it to do. But I never seem to get to the point where I sit down and tinker with the engine to make it better. You know, 'cus of tuits and yaks and worse-is-better and all that.

So, here goes. Now I'm changing that. Here's a four-quarter plan for 2012:

Early on, I told myself that this would be a ten-year blog. We're now a few months into the second year. It's time to introduce some furniture and make this blog engine fit to live in. Fit to relax in after a hard day's work.

I want to be able to blog from my iPad. Or from a 40-inch TV screen. Or, in a pinch, from my Android phone. I want people to be able to comment. I want those graphs, oh nicely laid out, skinnable, auto-generated instant-gratification graphs! And I want to push psyde out into the wild, make it stand on its own legs.

I want to use Perl 6 more in production, because the time is here. Even though I know it's prudent to underpromise and overdeliver, I choose to publish my plans like this because so far I've only been scheming and dreaming — this somehow makes it all more concrete.