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Dog food with a distinct Perl 6 flavor

For a long time, I kept using use Perl for my blogging, knowing that there are better solutions out there. being among the most alluring alternatives. Various Perl 6 bloggers were also reporting happiness with Wordpress-based blogs. Inertia kept me tied to use Perl.

Inertia — and something else. I had a teeny tiny dream that I could make a blogging solution in Perl 6. That would, I theorized, make me ultimately happy.

Except that it would never happen. It's quite a big step to move blogs, and doing it while actually inventing the new blog under oneself... no wai.

And then use Perl forced my hand. After ~10 years of service, it has now been shut down. And suddenly, I found myself without a blogging platform.

So I thought, what the heck.

A couple of weeks later, here I stand with a working blogging solution in Perl 6. Yay!

I'll have a lot more to say about the blogging software as we go along, but here are the main points in bullet form:

In summary: yay, new blog! Watch this space.