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Throwing confetti

I broke my almost month-long blog silence with the announcement for the prize. The last post I made before that was about a JFDI attitude to coding, an attitude which I later regained in spades... to the detriment of my blogging, it seems.

So, world: since I still don't have time to tell you everything I've neglected to tell you, I've decided to throw tiny summaries at you, a bit like confetti. If you want, you can lift your arms and spin around while the twinkling multicoloured things go frzzzzz! and come to rest on your shoulders and in your hair. Or you could just stand there, looking slightly annoyed at me for throwing pieces of paper at you which you later have to remove one by one, the last one (inside a fold in your shirt) not being found until sometime early next week.

These items are intentionally too vague and uninformative, but they're very JFDI. ☺ Who knows, maybe I'll come around to fleshing them out into actual posts.

Here we go.