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The Perl 6 Coding Contest (2011 edition) is now closed

"Thanks for organizing the contest. Staying awake until 3am trying to make my solutions work (and trying to write them in a perl6ish way) was big fun! :)"
        — one of the contestants

Ding! Pencils down.

So, here we are, five weeks later. Let's sum up:

Last year's figures for the same things are (18, 5, 26), so somehow we ended up with many more contestants and only one more submission this year. That's fine; we know that the step from signing up to actually sending something in is quite a big one to take. Very interested to get feedback on how to make that step easier, though.

Just as last year, we'll synchronously publish people's solutions for each task in sequence, along with a blog post about the task and its solutions.

Unlike last year, I won't promise that these posts will be forthcoming in "the next few days/weeks". Last year it took over two months to process everything and get to the winner. Let's aim for one month this time — we're as expectant as you are to see solutions, blog post explanations, and an eventual winner!

Let's do this! First up: "Four 9s."