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The Cult of Done

Sometimes other people manage to express my thoughts better than I can. The Cult of Done seems to be an example of this phenomenon.

It's JFDI, it's Release Early, it's Working Code and Rough Consensus. The idea exists in varying shapes already in the Perl community. But maybe it should be an outright cult. Because man, does it ever work.

Looking back over the past year of productivity, I have proto, druid, svg, pun, yarn, grampa and csv, thanks to this mindset. Neither of these emerged from a great idea or a deep theoretical result, but from a small idea that wanted to be a small piece of code. Because the important thing, as the Manifest of The Cult of Done seems to shout with each bullet point, is trying something without overcomplicating it. Just Ducking Foo It.

The Cult of Done works very well for me, and it worked well for me even before I knew that's what it was called. Maybe it'll work well for you too.