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Reading up on MVC, part 1: Ruby on Rails

Hello, don't mind me. I'm just going through a few MVC frameworks to see how they differ and how they're alike. I need the knowhow to create an MVC for Right now, my plan is to examine Rails, Catalyst, Django and Jifty. I'll write down my impressions of each of the in some kind of list, for future reference. Basically the only way you'd want to read this is if you want to laugh at how little I know about MVC frameworks.

Here's the list I got from watching this screencast:

Um. Well, in summary, that cool-aid sure seems to have an effect on me. I'll leave the comments open so that you people can tell me how Rails, despite all appearances, is really bad for your teeth and leaves skid marks on your puppy.

Next up: Catalyst.