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masak's Perl 6 Coding Contest

During the past month, I've been dropping the following clues in #perl6 about today's big announcement:

Here, without further delay, is the announcement:

do five tasks, and you might win Amazon books worth €100!

Yes, it is a contest. It commences today, and stays open until 2011-01-14 (that is, for five weeks). Registration is open for two weeks, starting today. Just send an email to — saying "sign me up!" or even sending your Amazon wishlist so I'll know which books to buy you if you win.

You might be curious about what constitutes winning. Here's an extract from the file WINNING:

Since "code quality" is a slightly subjective measure, let me give a few
hints of what I'll be looking for:

* Readability.
* Consistency.
* Clarity of intent.
* Algorithmic efficiency.
* Idiomatic use of Perl 6.
* Brevity.

In short, what I'm looking for is top-quality code. That's how you win.

Here are the five tasks. Write Perl 6 programs to...

I've chosen the problems so that they're easy to explain, but allow contestants quite a bit of freedom to play around with various solutions. See the individual zip files for further instructions.

If you're curious about the details of the contest, I recommend the files WHAT, HOW, and WINNING, all three of which also appear in the zip files.

The rest is up to you. Now dazzle me with your submissions!