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July 9 2012 — things and descriptions

I did what was on the agenda today, which wasn't much. Since there isn't much today, I'll break away from my habit of only talking about the commits that "matter" for the game development, and talk about the two "in-between" commits I did as well. These commits don't usually make a good story, but today they might help.

First thing I did was run the tests. They had broken after the "show exits" commit I did yesterday, and I hadn't noticed because I hadn't re-run the tests after making that additions. (Note to self: changing the events API always merits a test run.) So I fixed the tests.

Next up, the happy path of today's work: examining an object that was placed in the room. Works fine. As usual, look how "clean" the addition is. Practically no code at all.

At this point I realized that one of the attributes on an old event was unfortunately named. This is why good design takes time; you have to actually use the stuff for a while for these things to surface. So I renamed the attribute. And yes, I did run the tests this time.

Finally, the sad path of examining an object: if you examine something that's simply not there, the game tells you it's not there. Perhaps most interesting is to note that the placing logic ends up in this commit, not in the previous one. Why? Because due to the way we're only ever testing external reactions from the game, it's not until we test sad-path activities that we actually need to do validation against the game state, and it's not until we do validation that we need to actually apply events. That feels backwards before one gets used to it... but in a way it makes one remember to write sad-path code for everything, because those are the tests that allow you to write the validation code.

Still very much liking where this year's version is going. Stay tuned.