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July 30 2012 — tying up various loose ends

Seems I was wise enough to plan a day or two of general cleaning up at the end of this month. I'm making good use of those days now.

I'm now idly playing the game, finding stuff that comes up wrong, and fixing them. The number of things I'm finding tells me there aren't enough of you trying the game out and finding stuff. I encourage you to try it; the game is complete now, and all the bugs you find are trophies you can carry with pride.

Today's work:

I can also happily report that I've played the whole game through on the CLI. So has lue++. So should you.

I meant to split the different parts of the game into modules today. But I'm out of time, so I'll do that tomorrow instead. In the meantime, find bugs and report them to me. I know you want to.