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July 19 2012 — filling your car with leaves

Started out the day with having to fix up crypt, because updating and installing latest Rakudo as part of releasing it earlier this evening apparently pulled in a change that broke stuff.

Oh well. A little reminder that the spectests don't protect against anything.

Anyway, today's job: making it possible to put leaves into the car.

<jnthn> you put leaves in a car?!
<masak> it's completely useless.
<masak> but it works!

Actually, I remember the thrill of putting in this message last year. Making adventure games is very much about anticipating things the player might try, even silly things. When putting the leaves in the car, the player gets the message "Great. Now your car is full of leaves." as if this was an especially silly thing to try. Which it is, of course.

So, two steps to make this work:

The last one led to a new event class Adventure::GameRemarked — thanks for naming suggestions, jnthn++ — and to a new hook method on_put. Notice that containers and platforms share the same on_put mechanism. That seemed appropriate.

So here's what we can do now:

$ bin/crypt

You've heard there's supposed to be an ancient hidden crypt in these
woods. One containing a priceless treasure. Well, there's only one way
to find out...


The forest road stops here, and the gaps between the trees widen into a
patch of un-forest. The sky above is clear apart from a few harmless clouds.
There is a car here.
You can go east.

> east 

A flat, broad hill interrupts the dense-ish forest here. Only grass and
small bushes grow on the hill.
You can go west.

> take leaves
You take the leaves.

> west

> put leaves in car
You open the car.
You put the leaves in the car.
Great. Now your car is full of leaves.

> quit

Thanks for playing.


Hm, there's an extra newline in there after going back west to Clearing. Will fix that tomorrow. A perfectionist never rests.