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July 18 2012 — finding the door in the grass

Many small commits went in today. First, I decided to fix the things that were missing from yesterday:

Therefore, now it looks like this:

$ bin/crypt 

You've heard there's supposed to be an ancient hidden crypt in these
woods. One containing a priceless treasure. Well, there's only one way
to find out...


The forest road stops here, and the gaps between the trees widen into a
patch of un-forest. The sky above is clear apart from a few harmless clouds.
There is a car here.
You can go east.

> examine car
Small, kind of old, and beginning to rust. But it still gets you places.

> examine flashlight
You see no flashlight here.

> open car
Opening the car reveals a flashlight and a rope.

> examine flashlight
The flashlight, a trusty Flexmann 520, has been serving you for countless

> take flashlight
You take the flashlight.

> quit
Thanks for playing.

The only small detail that's wrong now is that there should be a "custom description" for the car, and the game should really say "Your car is parked here." I have a plan for how to fix this. But not today. All in due time.

Now, what I really meant to do today was this:

Implementing this game is great; today more than previous days I'm feeling just how great. The foundation I've built in the first part of the month is not just suitable for building adventure games, it's perfect. It's fantastic. Look at this:

# Things on hill
.place_thing('grass', 'hill');
.place_thing('bushes', 'hill');
.place_thing('door', 'hill');
.on_examine('grass', { .unhide_thing('door') });
.on_examine('bushes', { .unhide_thing('door') });
.on_open('door', { .connect(<hill chamber>, 'south') });

It's an adventure game world building API! (Yes, others will be able to take it and run with it too, as long as I separate Adventure::Engine out into its own module and publish it on

And not just that. The tests are wonderful, too!

my $game =;

is $game.examine('flashlight'),
    'examining the flashlight in the car';

I'm very happy about how this is turning out. All programming should be like this.