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July 16 2012 — things which are part of the scenery

This will be a quick one. I dove in today and implemented what I needed. Uhh, except for the bug fixes I committed along the way because I discovered recently introduced bugs.

Uhm, and except for getting momentarily stuck on the last one. It really wasn't that difficult, I just managed to misplace my programmer ability for a few minutes. That happens. The tests kept telling me "no, that's still not it", so I kept trying until I got it right.

So here's what's new today:

It's interesting. I can feel that focusing on the verbs (as it were) is making this a better program than last year. What's interesting is that my brain's spare cycles are figuring out the internal representation of the game engine. How are rooms and things and containerships represented? I now have a fairly good idea of this, even for the things I haven't implemented yet.

It's like separating the behavioral outside from the implementational inside makes it easier to think about both of them separately.

Anyway, we've now had a really good start on "general adventure game mechanics". I'll probably need a few more course corrections as I map out the game itself. I'll need to flesh out the container semantics, etc. But the big brush strokes are there now.

We're ready to implement crypt itself. Let's start doing that tomorrow.