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GGE now runs fine on Rakudo master

After admitting that I had a problem, I decided that perhaps it would be good to take one single application and just beat it into submission, making it run on Rakudo master.

I chose GGE. That was a mistake, but perhaps a positive one.

GGE is big, and has many tests, 750 of them. Running through them all takes almost 40 minutes. (The first "G" in GGE stands for "Glacial".) I keep thinking of GGE is "the biggest Perl 6 application out there", even though it's probably not that big, just fairly complex and well-tested. The mistake was attacking GGE first, and not something smaller.

The way the mistake might turn out to be a positive one is that I'll probably feel that converting other applications from alpha to master is relatively painless. 哈哈

Here's a summary of things to think about, if you're planning to port your Perl 6 application from alpha to master:



It took two months of leisurely refactoring and debugging to bring GGE through the needle's eye. But I must confess that it was pretty sweet to subsequently rid it of all of alpha's workarounds. Clearly a net win.