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Comments broken on perlfoundation [UPDATED]

I wanted to comment on Jonathan's excellent Hague grant proposal, writing something like this:

I'd just like to chime in on Moritz' praise of Jonathan. It has been exhilarating to observe all the progress so far. Looking forward to more of the same.

But the comment function is broken, telling me: "Comment Submission Error - Your comment submission failed for the following reasons: Invalid request"

First off: there's nothing invalid about my request. Actually, it's more of an opinion than a request. ☺

Second: it seems that the comment function is broken on perlfoundation. I've emailed rdice about it, so it'll hopefully be fixed RSN. In the meantime, I'll post this so I don't forget what I wrote. [Update: rdice++ replied quickly, and in helping him debug the issue, I discovered that turning on Javascript for that page resolved the issue. I.e. nothing broken outside of my browser.]

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