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Cheese speleology

Here's an idea I had the other day.

We're in the process of upgrading how proto installs Perl 6 projects. mberends++ has taken the initiative by creating a branch and a TODO. Today, the same mberends++ also landed a commit in Rakudo such that all our PERL6LIB worries just vanish. It's looking good.

One thing I would like to fall out from this refactor is a way to run all the tests in all Perl 6 projects. Think of it as a kind of community-level introspection — proto's was my early attempt at this. And we can easily set up cron jobs and HTML serializers for a nightly run of these things on feather. This would have two benefits, I think:

Testing all of the Perl 6 ecosystem sure is simpler than testing all of CPAN. But if it can help improve Rakudo and the Perl 6 community, I think it can be very worthwhile.