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Yet another month of November

Starting tomorrow — actually later today — I will make a semi-short post each day. You have been warned.

Each such post will consist of two parts: one with a retrospective into an event or phenomenon taking place on that particular day in November sometime in history; the other with some modest update representing around half an hour of work on something Perl 6-related. If this all sounds eerily familiar, it might be because this is the third year I do this. It also happens to be the last.

What do I pledge to do in the coming month? This:

So that's it. Mostly my work will focus on November (hence the choice of month, after all), or on webby stuff.

Lately I feel I've lost contact with Actual Real Coding™, sort of sniffing at the outskirts of it, but not sitting down and practising it much. I see this as my chance to jump (or fall, or trip) back into the fray a bit. Looking forward to that.

Go go go!