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What I learned from the June blogging

So, I confess: I had fun. Pushing out a blog post a day for a month sounds like a lot of work, but it was mostly enjoyable.

I've been wanting to try this kind of thing for a year or so. Now that it's behind me, it feels like the material produced begs for being put into a form other than just blog posts. Therefore, I've created a repository for the chapters. From now on, changes/improvements will go into those, and the blog posts are essentially frozen. I expect to have a PDF of all the chapters soonish.

Having done three November blogging months, I guess I didn't expect to learn much new. But this kind of setup was sufficiently different, and I ended up with a few take-aways.

What I learned from blogging once a day

What I learned from trying to bootstrap Perl 6 knowledge

What I learned from writing a text adventure game

Fun as it was, I can't think of a followup for this project for next June. Let's just see where we are at that point and decide then. 哈哈