Strangely Consistent

Theory, practice, and languages, braided together

Week 8 of — some Druid and Hitomi fiddling

So, Ceiling Cat comeded down an saw teh men an ther towerz. Den Ceiling Cat sez "Oh noes, if they all togethr after mah hi spot, they gonna get mah hi spot! I gots'ta confuzzle 'em and stop 'em!" Dat's wai Ceiling Cat pwned 'em an dragd 'em away from ther towerz. Dey stop buldin' after dat. So teh towerz wuz calld Babel cuz Ceiling Cat made teh men babbul ther befor movin' dem. — Genesis 11:5-9

Yet another week of distraction, it turns out. Also, it's late when I start putting this post together, so I'll be brief. For once.

I wish to thank The Perl Foundation for sponsoring the effort.