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Week 6 of — Hitomi draft, November work

Moses put his han ovur teh see, An Ceiling Cat mayk big wind that blowd see all nite till see wuz drei lan so kitties no get wet. teh waterz wer dvided. Teh izrelites crosd see on drei urth an no get wet. but tehr wuz walls o water on teh sieds. But teh gypshuns An teh charyots chaysd tehm OMG!! — Exodus 14:21-23

Things are moving forward. I'm enjoying myself within the project, thinking of new ideas to try, and discussing a lot with other people. When looking at the milestones, it still feels like we're on track — though sometimes the "weeks" are slightly longer than seven days, due to the, er, intricacies of time allocation.

Anyway, this week was about 7 days long, and I used my 10 allocated hours for the following:

I wish to thank The Perl Foundation for sponsoring the effort.