Strangely Consistent

Theory, practice, and languages, braided together

Week 5 of — more tinkering everywhere

U iz so cute!
U iz so hawt!
Ur eyez iz liek birdz,
an ur hair iz liek goatz
comin down teh mountin. Datz hawt.
Ur teefz iz liek sheep
dat just hadded a baff.
Liek twin sheep,
bcz non of ur teefz iz missin.
      — Song of Solomon 4:1-2

This week, inspired by jnthn, I'll switch summary style and go point-by-point instead of in free discourse mode. Just to try it out.

I would like you to note, reading this, how many different names of people appear among the different items. This is definitely no longer a three-man effort, but significant parts of the Perl 6 community pushing towards a point where we can build awesome (or at the very least slightly above average) web apps on top of Rakudo and Parrot.

I wish to thank The Perl Foundation for sponsoring the effort.