Strangely Consistent

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Week 18 of — the rubber meets the road

"Moses in teh r00lz sez we sposed to kill her dead wif rox. Whutchu fink?" srsly, dey dont care whut Jebus sez, tho, dis is a trap to maek Jebus luk bad. Jebus din say nuffin to dem and wroted sumfink in da durt. Dose d00dz din STFU, askin till Jebus sez, "d00ds, if yur so gud, n haz no invisivle error, u can haz rox for teh throwin." an Jebus pwned dos fairseez an whent bak to His writin. teh fairzeez sez, "hez got us der" n left, sos Jebus wuz lone wif the woman. Jebus luked up an sez "WTF? Where dem d00ds go? nobuddi wans rox?" she sez "No." An Jebus sez, "me neever. Go way an be gud kitteh." — John 8:5-11

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