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This Week's Contribution to Perl 6 Week 6

This Week's Contribution to Perl 6 Week 6:help improve the sidebars in the book

(Update 2010-06-10: Two days, and already two submissions! I continue to be amazed by the willingness of people to contribute to these weekly challenges. Somehow, the noosphere generosity so prevalent in the open-source world feels much more magical when it's coming from lurkers. Thank you!)

For this week's contribution to Perl 6, we ask you to wield some LaTeX skills in order to improve the appearance of the book some of us are writing.

(Introduction to this series of challenges)


Have a look at page 23 in the book. There's a "sidebar" there, but it doesn't go on the side of the page, and it isn't especially aesthetically pleasing.

Help us make it better!


Please send your submission to the mailing list, and set me ( as CC, because the mailing list sometimes has a large delay.

If you have any questions, please ask the mailing list, me or (preferred) on our IRC channel, #perl6.

The best/most extensible/most complete/prettiest/whatever submission will make it into the next release of the book.