Strangely Consistent

Theory, practice, and languages, braided together

The trip to Moscow and the DevConf talk (iambic pentameter)

My trip to Moscow was a pleasant one,
The city has a certain feel I like.
The metro is so big and full of win!
And so too was the room at my hotel.

My talk was well-received and fun to give,
on Yapsi, Tardis, Sigmund and Perl 6.
sharifulin++ for speedy help
with setting up his laptop for my talk.

The guys at made me feel
at home in Moscow, and enjoy my stay.
I only wish my Russian wasn't crap.
Incentive to learn more of it, I guess.

At Airport Sheremetyevo they said
"departure is tomorrow, not today".
'Pro tip': when booking, check an extra time
that chosen dates are actually correct.

I tried to write iambicly above... That Shakespeare guy was pretty good, it seems! I'm not, so my attempts don't even rhyme. But maybe some commenters' comments will...?