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The tests Rakudo doesn't run

Just a short note.

After an enlightening discussion with mberends a couple of days ago, I became curious about how many spectests Rakudo doesn't run.

So I wrote a short script which takes a list of all spectest .t files, a list of all the files mentioned in Rakudo's t/ (including the commented-out ones), and did hash subtraction on them.

By the way, a common Perl 5 idiom in this situation is difficult to do in Rakudo, because some blocks are still erroneously parsed as hashes:

$ perl6
> my @array; my %hash = map { $_ => 1 }, @array;
No candidates found to invoke
> say { $_ => 1 }.WHAT

Working around this, I arrived at the number 185. That's out of a total of 722. Here's the whole list.

Not too surprisingly, upon showing this list to #perl6, I was quickly informed (by the ever-knowledgeable moritz++) that there's already a Rakudo tool script which processes exactly this list of tests, and prints the much more useful subset of files with at least one test passing, thus being eligible for inclusion into t/

I hope to be able to explore the spectest suite further, in my copious spare time. My long-term goal is to create alluring SVG graphs over the tests currently passing in Rakudo master, Rakudo alpha, and Pugs.