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Reading up on MVC, part 2: Catalyst

I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively large number of comments to my first MVC post. Either people are very interested in MVC in general, and have things to say about it, or there's some reverse psychology going on in starting a post with "don't mind me".

Just in case it's the latter... don't mind me this time either. In fact, if anything, I seem to have gotten even more ignorant and directionless since last time. MVC frameworks are hard, let's go shopping!

Reviewing Catalyst. I found this screencast a couple of weeks ago. Here are my impressions while watching it:

I also stepped through the slides about chained, since I've gotten good vibes about those, but don't really grok them yet. I'll have to come back to it, because I didn't understand everything in it yet.

After both of these, I still feel very much in the dark about what makes Catalyst great. I almost feel as if I'm starting at the wrong end. I had a chat with the good people over at #catalyst, and they advised me to buy the book, which I did. Hopefully it will quench my thirst for knowledge.

Next up: Django.