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Ok, so the ante is upped: E03

So, apparently my challenge on IRC and on SF's blog got at least SF interested. Which means now there's even a challenge. I'm hoping others will jump on as well. It's simple: just blog your modern Perl 6 version of E03 on Friday.

Will E03 be hard? I don't know, maybe. But we're just trying things out. We're exploring a piece of Perl 6 archaeology, and how old documented intents interact with new actual practices. There's no way to lose the contest, but plenty of ways to win it. And remember, while the official price is One Internet (method of delivery unspecified), your contribution might very well end up in a revised modern-day E03. Or something.

Since there's a Rakudo release on Thursday, and since there's no shortage of rakudobugs to report and features to implement till then — you should see the activity only this morning! — I suspect I won't have time to actually start porting E03 until Friday morning. But that should be plenty of time.