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November meets the Web

Two major things have happened during the week: first off, pmichaud++ implemented precompiled modules for Rakudo, i.e. when including a module through the use keyword, Rakudo now looks first for Module.pbc and Module.pir before falling back to the usual

We made use of this, precompiling all our modules, even moving the main wiki code into its own module so we could precompile it, too. The resulting speedup in a "view page" request was 17-fold: instead of 23 seconds, it now takes 1.3 seconds!

The second major thing was that we got November running on feather, the dedicated development server of the Perl 6 community. We also got our own domain name,, to match.

That's Perl 6 you see running there.

Kudos to (Frederik Schwarzer)++ and moritz++ for submitting patches to the project! And kudos also to jhorwitz++, who is looking into making November and mod_perl6 work together.