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November 29 2010 — some kind of resolution

63 years ago today, a plan for partitioning Palestine was adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations.

The resolution sought to address the conflicting objectives and claims to the Mandate territory of two competing nationalist movements, Zionism (Jewish nationalism) and Arab nationalism, as well as to resolve the plight of Jews displaced as a result of the Holocaust. The resolution called for the withdrawal of British forces and termination of the Mandate by 1 August 1948, and establishment of the new independent states by 1 October 1948. A transitional period under United Nations auspices was to begin with the adoption of the resolution, and lasting until the establishment of the two states. However, war broke out and the partition plan was never implemented by the Security Council.

The comparison between the proposed borders and the armistice lines from two years later looks like an attempt to beat the 4-color theorem.

Today, I handled the tests of Routes, Astaire and Squerl.

It's rather nice to see the test suite run with result PASS. Might be the first time it does that, I don't recall.