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November 18, 2008 — of mice and babies

80 years ago today, the first fully synchronized sound cartoon, Steamboat Willie, was released. It has been the topic of many copyright controversies over the years, the copyright being extended many times. Wikipedia:

A full 30 seconds of scenes of what might be considered cruelty to animals have been removed from several versions of Steamboat Willie, including Mickey pulling a cat's tail and then swinging the cat by the tail above his head, picking up a nursing sow and "playing" its babies like an accordion keyboard, and using a goose as bagpipes. On or before October, 2008 however, Disney seems to have moved toward honoring historical accuracy by showing the original, in it's entirety, on the "Cartoon" channel offered in the rooms of Disney World resort hotels.

I've been advancing the state of the first real skin for November today. There are no real technical challenges involved, strictly a matter of making the template code and the CSS play together harmoniously.

I'm almost at the point where I have something to show. Working with the new layout has made me realize how ugly our current (lack of) layout is.

viklund and I had our first hackathon today in a long time. Since he is the father of a six months old infant, we hold our hackathons at his home. Often our pair programming sessions consist of one person driving and the other Holding The Baby. It's funny they way morale can be improved by having a toddler sitting next to you, beaming up at you.