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November 1 2010 — quick, decisive action

37 years ago today, a coup was carried out against Vietnam's first president, Ngô Đình Diệm.

The coup was very swift. On November 1, with only the palace guard remaining to defend President Diệm and his younger brother, Ngô Đình Nhu, the generals called the palace offering Diệm exile if he surrendered. However, that evening, Diệm and his entourage escaped via an underground passage to Cholon, where they were captured the following morning, November 2.

Diệm had lost his US backing after religious protests in Vietnam, and the US had given "secret assurances to the generals that the U.S. would not interfere" with the coup.

Today, I dug my teeth into Yapsi and — quite unexpectedly, actually — Tardis.

For those of you who don't recall what Tardis is: it's a debugger with the special twist that you'll be able to jump back and forth in the program, not just farwards.

Fixing things up today, I felt a bit like David Tennant, running around inside the Tardis, banging on things with a hammer. Things work now, but they're neither elegant nor particularly user-friendly. Just like the real Tardis, I guess. 哈哈

Anyway, things have been going smoothly, with a few commits in both the Yapsi and Tardis repos. I had no unforseen blockages that stopped my progress today. And now, it's time to go make a Yapsi release with some Tardis on the side.