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July 28 2012 — moving around III (movement synonyms)

The game is finished. Now we're making it better. There's a lot of things to make better.


Oh, and just playing the game for a while, I noticed that I couldn't examine things once I had taken them. So I fixed that. Speaking of which,

Ah, it's fun to be playing the game again.

$ bin/crypt 

You've heard there's supposed to be an ancient hidden crypt in these
woods. One containing a priceless treasure. Well, there's only one way
to find out...


The forest road stops here, and the gaps between the trees widen into a
patch of un-forest. The sky above is clear apart from a few harmless clouds.
There is a car here.
You can go east.

> inventory
You are empty-handed.

> open car
You open the car.
Opening the car reveals a flashlight and a rope.

> take flashlight
You take the flashlight.

> take rope
You take the rope.

> inventory
You are carrying:
A flashlight.
A rope.

> quit

Thanks for playing.

There's still a few days left. I need as many people as possible to get in there, play the game, and flush things out that are wrong or could be improved. So if you have a few minutes, give the game a whirl. I'll do my best to fix things quickly.

I'm sure there are bugs in there. Help me find them!