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July 27 2012 — triggering doom and dying

While we did build the machinery for triggering delayed cavern collapse yesterday (which due to general lateness is already day-before-yesterday; sorry), there's still a matter of hooking things up so that the cavern actually collapses right on top of the hapless adventurer.

Talk about a sad path. 哈哈

I thought I might as well add the conditions for winning while I'm at it. This has always been my favorite part of crypt. Even though it's a straight-out-of-Indiana-Jones kind of cliché. There's only one item heavy enough to replace the butterfly on the pedestal... and it comes from the Hanoi subgame, a source of inventory that the player is likely to overlook.

So, today's commits:

Well, that's it. You can now play through the whole game and even win it. At least the tests claim you can; I haven't played the game through the CLI for quite some time now. 哈哈

The next few days will go to various cleanup, adding conveniences (such as an inventory, or verb synonyms), and generally refactoring the game and making it nicer, shorter, and more future-proof.

The game is about 3k lines long now, by the way. Compare against last year's game: 1k lines. Also compare against the biggest Perl 6 source file I know (STD.pm6): 6k lines. This is a fairly big project. Adventure games are complex stuff.

According to tomorrow's schedule — today's schedule, that is — I'll be adding movement synonyms. I'll probably do that and a few other cleanups.