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July 22 2012 — playing the Hanoi game

I felt a curious lack of energy today, on the day when it was time to do the important merge of the Hanoi subgame (developed on the first two days of this month), and the bigger adventure game (developed since then).

Nevertheless, I made it, though admittedly I haven't tested it much, and pieces are missing. Hey, the tests pass! The rest will have to come piece by piece later.

(Mostly what's missing is actually hooking up all the nice Hanoi:: event types to the CLI so that it can tell the player what's going on. Oh, and parsing commands correctly on the CLI. That's missing, too.)

Here's what happened today:

I'll have more to say about this factoring in the next few days. I'm glad it worked out, and as far as I can see it will work very well for what we want.

Note that we got our first crypt-specific exception with this: X::Crypt::NoDisksHere, which happens when you try to play Hanoi outside of the hall. It clearly belongs in the crypt domain, and not the adventure domain (which doesn't know about Hanoi) or the Hanoi domain (which doesn't know about player locations).

See you tomorrow, when we will play with fire a bit.