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July 11 2012 — things which contain other things

Today I showed a fourteen-year-old how to do rot-13 using Perl 6. Reaction: "that's awesome". It's things like this that make me realize why I value talking about programming and explaining programming.

Though I botched it up. I messed around with chr and ord and modulo, when there's a much shorter and neater way to do it:

sub rot13 { $^s.trans('a..z' => '', 'A..Z' => 'N..ZA..M') }

On the bright side, I get to show that solution tomorrow, and he'll probably thin it's even more awesome. 哈哈

Today was another pleasant day of just writing tests and implementing them. I thought I would have one happy path and two sad paths, just like yesterday. But checking with the original game from last year showed that the last sad path was actually a happy path too.

Here's today's action:

This was the first time I was tempted to call one behavior (open) from another (put_thing_in). Eventually I decided against, because my factoring doesn't make that easy. Which means I will be duplicating some opening logic inside of the other method. That may or may not become a pain point in the future; I'll certainly keep an eye out for code smells.

The last commit of the day still leaves things in a slightly unfinished state; the put_thing_in neglects to apply the events like all other such methods do. Rather than just instinctively adding that bit of code, I'll note that it should be added as part of a test failing. So there's at least one missing test. :-) I can think of a test to expose this case of a missing apply; can you?