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I am going to FOSDEM

(Using exclusively five word sentences.)

Perl Mongers needed speakers quickly. "Very Late Call for Papers". "Why so late", you ask. Perl dev room was denied. Another community got the room. Perl only got a booth. The other community backed out. Perl then got the room. Therefore, talks were requested urgently. Only about one week notice. The announcement is recorded here.

I missed that blog post. But I got an email. Wendy wrote to some people. I was one of them. Talk about very short notice. Eight days before the talk! That must be a record. Nothing to be done, though. The invitation was nicely worded. I considered whether to go. Finally I decided I would.

My talk concerns Perl 6. I have given it before. It was in Bristol, England. You were likely not there. That time, jnthn helped me. Now I will talk alone. I must give it quickly. I only have 20 minutes. That is not a lot. I rather like challenges, though. Looking forward to it all.

Will you come to FOSDEM? I certainly hope you will. If you do, stop by. I will give my talk. "Where is my flying car?" A reference to the future. In the future, cars fly. Also, Perl 6 is everywhere. Especially in the flying cars. It will be totally awesome. My talk is about that. Or sorta kinda about that. It is about Perl 6. Why is it not released? What makes me keep hoping? What has been implemented already? That is what it covers.

Looking forward to the weekend.