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Blast from the past: E02

SF took my challenge to heart and started producing a "modern Perl 6" version of the example code in E02. His thought process can be seen here, and here.

After being a bystander for a few hours, I coulndn't restrain myself anymore: I produced my own version. I should say at once that it's quite different from SF's: while he keeps close to the original E02 (which, in turn, sets out to prove that Perl 6 is/was not very different from Perl 5), my version is a bit more liberal in its interpretation. I do mix in some of my personal preferences into it. Some examples:

I believe rewriting the exigeses in modern form is a very worthy activity. I hope we'll see more of that. Perl 6 suffers a bit from stale, outdated documentation, and having these in new versions would be valuable.

It's also a very interesting historical activity to read the old apocalypses and exigeses, as I increasingly find. Perl 6 has come a long, long way since 2001.