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Asking #perl about Modern Perl

This is my first Perl 5 post ever. 哈哈

<masak> while I'm here, I'd like to talk about Modern Perl.
<masak> in y'all's opinion, what are the modules a Modern Perl 5 user should be aware of?
<masak> I'm thinking of things like Moose, List::Util, maybe Catalyst...
<claes> it all depends on what the task is
<lucs> masak: 5.10 in general maybe
<claes> using warnings, strict and perhaps indirect pragmas
<masak> I think things that we take for granted as good time-savers all qualify.
<masak> so maybe stuff like Getopt::Long too.
<claes> personaly I don't use Moose because I haven't had any use for it yet
<masak> for me as a Perl 6 user, it's not that difficult to see the use for Moose.
<masak> I saw a blog post recently that said that Moose even helped the blogger document things more succinctly.
<masak> that is, even when he wasn't using Moose, he was using habits gained from it to write better documentation.
<Hinrik> Perl::Critic, definitely
<claes> Devel::NYTProf 
<Hinrik> some of the eventy things (AnyEvent, Coro, POE) too, if that's what your app requires
<Hinrik> and the various Test::* modules, of course
<masak> Hinrik: which ones, more exactly?
<Hinrik> Test::More usually works for me, along with some other specialized ones depending on the typo of app
<Hinrik> e.g. Test::Script to test if scripts compile
<Hinrik> masak: oh, and Devel::Cover is also quite helpful in determining test coverage
<cfedde> see also Modern::Perl 
<cfedde> I think that the standard template will become 'use Modern::Perl; use Moose'

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