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A quick p6cc status update

The p4 blog post is coming next week. It's the interesting one of the five, and I thought I'd give it a good bit of preparation, in the form of two blog posts about games. I hope you'll all like that.

In thinking about how to make the first preparatory blog post, I quickly slid into an interesting yak-shaving coding project, a bit of Perl 6 code which may make the post better... or it may not, I don't know yet. Anyway, I promise to not waste more than a few days down the yak-shaving path, and that I'll have that first post ready on Sunday, and the second one early next week.

In the meantime, moritz++ has written a thoughtful post on the code submissions and reviews so far. I'll definitely be trying my best to integrate his comments into my reviews as time permits.

I'm happy that all the three contestants (colomon, moritz, Util) who are active on #perl6 have chosen to engage in discussion about the solutions even after the end of the contest. I think it's a big win for the Perl 6 community that such discussion happens. So far, I'm very happy about the ripples the Perl 6 Coding Contest has caused in Rakudo, in RT, and in the community.