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A month of blogging about programming fundamentals

I got it into my head to make a short-ish blog post every day during June, building up programming knowledge from the very basics into something that could be used for everyday programming.

The target audience: let's say a highschooler wanting to get into programming. Someone who doesn't care that it's called "conditional", but who will call it an if for a couple of years to come at least. But I imagine the posts might be enjoyable for other readers as well; not least those who want to get into Perl 6 but to whom the synopses are just too information-dense and imposing.

I plan to introduce one, sometimes two, concepts a day and just show what you can do with them. Every five days or so I will write a slightly longer piece of code pulling together those concepts. Most often into a game or other. (I owe much of my computer interest to this book, which I perused with great interest during high school.)

I only have half a plan so far, but that's OK. It looks like this:

  1. I/O (say and prompt)
  2. variables
  3. if statements
  4. simple loops
  5. guess a number between 1 and 100
  6. string concatenation and x
  7. arithmetic
  8. substr
  9. given statement
  10. moon lander
  11. arrays
  12. for loops
  13. .push et al
  14. .comb
  15. chomp!

Looking forward to a month of no-nonsense educational Perl 6 blogging!